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MMRFandP - Prepaints - Bandit - 154
MMRFandP - Prepaints - Bandit - 154
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I will leave your finished frame(s) in this folderfor you to preview. I would like you to make sure that the frame(s) is what you want your gamehead(s) to look like. If it is Please leave a message in the message board (Cbox) that you previewed it and it's what you want. If there are changes needed please leave a detailed message on the message board. Also please tell me if you want any laps (other people to sit in your gamehead) in the gamehead. The last thing is if you want any games (yahtzee, checkers, chess, backgammon, acey duecy, spades, and battleship) leave only one game that you want, in the message board. (Hits: 68)

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